2007: Florida Everglades


In April 2007, James and Sarah took a much-needed vacation to Fort Myers, Florida.  In Florida, we took an air-boat ride in Everglade City through the everglades.  There were a TON of pelican’s everywhere and they liked to hitch along for a ride on our air-boat.  We learned a great deal about alligators and how the Captain of the air-boat feeds the alligators marshmallows!  We didn’t see any alligators on the air-boat ride, but it was still fun to go fast through the maze of everglades.  The air-boats are a little loud, but very fast and smooth.  After the air-boat ride, we walked along a nature path in the woods that took you to a pond where we did see a few alligators.  On the way out of the woods, we saw a few turtles sun-bathing by a river stream.

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